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Sesame’s menu

is inspired by the various cultures of the Far East, representing a fusion of cuisines from the South China Seas.  We incorporate fresh Asian vegetables, free-range meats and house-blended spices with other specialty ingredients to create seasonal menus. Local partnerships allow us to feature the best ingredients and we offer beer, wine, sake and specialty cocktails to complete the experience.

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The contemporary,

minimalist atmosphere was designed to showcase the stunning view.  Sesame is situated across from Lithia Park and the Elizabethan Theater.  By far, it has the best dining room view in downtown Ashland.  During the summer months outdoor seating is available both on the Calle Guanajuato and across from the park.  Other services offered:  Large Group Accommodations, Take-Out and FREE Delivery.

Open Every Day 11:30am – 9:00pm.

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We look forward to serving you!

Friendly waiter!  Great recommendations for our feast!!

– J. Carter 5/13/2017

Awesome Food.  The waitstaff are always the best & great attitude.

– D. Shem 6/16/2017

Been here many times when I come for the festival.  Always good quality

– Anonymous 6/24/2017

The food was AMAZING!  You did not disappoint.  Best stuff:  Kobi Burger, Candied Walnut Shrimp & Beer recommendations.  We will come back next year if God wills.  Thank you for an awesome eating experience.

– M. Cruz 6/30/2017

Love it!  Third visit in two days…

– D. Pike 7/3/2017

Gracious + Accommodating.  Great food for a hot evening.

– Anonymous 7/6/2017

Awesome meal!  We even ordered tangerine chicken to take-away for later.

– I. Tate 7/20/2017

Amazing food and excellent service!  We will definitely be back for more!  Thank you!

– Chelsea 5/1/2017

We really liked the lobster springrolls and tried them wiht the siracha aioli and it was delicious.

– J & S Smith 3/16/2017

The hot stone bowl was the bomb!  Very authentic tasting bibimbap!

– J. Diminno 3/29/2017

Fantastic experience.  Wonderfully different.

– P. Sandberg 2/20/2017

Amazing foodl, mad my rare Ashland trip Epic!!!

– H. Goodson 3/7/2017

Wonderful…Food, Service & Location.  “We’ll be back!”

– D. Rowley 11/2/2010

I really appreciate your healthy food, pleasant atmosphere and Anthony was very helpful.

– M. Bennett 4/24/2017

Ate both lunch and dinner here.  Vietnamese Fish & Chips outstanding.

– Anonymous 3/2/2017

In the mood for something warm, spicy and/or delicious? Then Sesame Asian Kitchen is a must visit. With a menu that suits everyone at your table, Sesame had some of my fave dishes like tofu lettuce wraps and pumpkin curry.  With a chic vibe and creative menu,  I recommend this place for a fun night out with friends or even a romantic meal. A meal at Sesame is like dying and going to the veg-friendly orient heaven ; )

– 2009

Fantastic atmosphere, the server was kind, polite & engaging.  I highly recommend this restaurant.  * ALL the best for 2017 & beyond!

– Larry 2/1/2017

Our favorite Ashland restaurant.

– D. Hill 1/23/2017

Absolutely delicious.  Will definitely be back!

– L. Scheurman 2/18/2017

Very Pleasant place and the soup is out of this world.

–  Bebby 2/17/2017

Fabulous - I will return.  Thank you.

– S. Grece 2/14/2017

Had your food delivered.  Thought we'd come.  Glad we did!  Be back soon.

– P. Massing 1/26/2017