Sesame Kitchen

is a open airy Asian Fusion restaurant owned by Lisa and Tom who also own Pasta Piatti. Sesame Kitchen is newly opened and already turning out some unforgettable dishes.

I’ve been telling everyone back here at the TV station about the Lobster Lo Mein (a stir-fried noodle dish bursting with plump lobster and veggies and topped with two large scallops and two large prawns) I really really really wish I’d gotten the recipe for this one because I’m seriously considering a drive back down to Ashland to get it again! We also sampled the five spice short ribs which were fall-off-the-bone tender and deliciously seasoned, along with the simple and satisfying wonton chips and dynamite fish cakes! Also, if you stop into Sesame Asian Kitchen, treat yourself to a cocktail, they’ve got a maestro behind the bar and they are serving up some gorgeous drinks that pair perfectly with the food!”
– Chloe Houser, “Dining Out in the Northwest”

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Interview with Tom, owner off Sesame Asian Kitchen in Ashland, Oregon.
Lobster Lomein at Sesame Asian Kitchen restaurant in Ashland, Oregon.
A little spicy but fun! Great food at Sesame Asian Kitchen restaurant in Ashland, Oregon.